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Saturday, 21 November 2015

I went to the doctor to see what he could give me . He said "son , son you've gone too far. It's all the smoking and drinking and tripping you do".

Pipe dream. 
I wanted long fish tails , but being rubber mounted meens the pipes have to bolt to the engine and nowhere else. 
So I just cut and refigured the old pipes I had made . They always sounded ace and worked well. 
Mind you they are a bit shorter now and will properly hit the road from time to time. 


So before I pull it apart for paint I dragged it outside. 
This is the 1st time I have been able to stand back and look at it. It's a bloody good job that I like what I see. 
2 things to change and that's the front guard and cut the handlebars shorter. 
But apart from that ........ 
No Sleep till Sweden. 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Ice is forming on the tips of my wings. Unheaded warnings, I thought I'd thought of everything.

My sister , hello Emma, is living in Melbourne . She has got herself a CBR and has just passed her test. She has seen the light , much to my mothers disgust . 

This weekend she visited a Classic Italian bike doo.

Four  things I like about this pick above, 
1 the supper rare , red Ducati  
2 &3 both of the Laverdas in the background 
4 I love the cardboard under every bike to catch the oil. 
If that was a jap bike meeting there would be no need for Cardboard , under the bikes. But if a lot of the bikers I know were there, then it would be them that would have to stand on cardboard, greasy Feckers. 

Finally lets have some CHOPPERS. 

Sunday, 8 November 2015

So you've been to school for a year or Two and you know you've seen it all. You'll go far in your daddy's car. Back east you type don't crawl.

I have been right bloody ill too ill to stand in the rain but not to I'll to muck about in my shed building my Chop. I have done quite a few bits and bobs but have failed to take pictures. 
But I'm pretty much at the point where I can strip it apart for the paint and final build.
So here is some photos I blatantly stole off of the Internet . 

Abouve and below is what's known as a bit of a "Clusterfuck" . 
I slowed down . Tom rode into my back wheel . Ate a belly full of shale . Just when he thought it was all over, Bad crashed full pelt into the unlucky Tom. 
Poor bastards. 
I stayed upright though ( for once) 
Photos by Tom Whiteing 

Think  your leaking a bit of something there mate.