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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Ice is forming on the tips of my wings. Unheaded warnings, I thought I'd thought of everything.

My sister , hello Emma, is living in Melbourne . She has got herself a CBR and has just passed her test. She has seen the light , much to my mothers disgust . 

This weekend she visited a Classic Italian bike doo.

Four  things I like about this pick above, 
1 the supper rare , red Ducati  
2 &3 both of the Laverdas in the background 
4 I love the cardboard under every bike to catch the oil. 
If that was a jap bike meeting there would be no need for Cardboard , under the bikes. But if a lot of the bikers I know were there, then it would be them that would have to stand on cardboard, greasy Feckers. 

Finally lets have some CHOPPERS. 

1 comment:

benchdonkees said...

Congrats to your Sis Rob, bet it's an amazing country for riding!
Led my sister astray recently, had her first ever bike ride. Rode my c70 round a field, which is how a lot of us got started!!