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Saturday, 21 November 2015

I went to the doctor to see what he could give me . He said "son , son you've gone too far. It's all the smoking and drinking and tripping you do".

Pipe dream. 
I wanted long fish tails , but being rubber mounted meens the pipes have to bolt to the engine and nowhere else. 
So I just cut and refigured the old pipes I had made . They always sounded ace and worked well. 
Mind you they are a bit shorter now and will properly hit the road from time to time. 


So before I pull it apart for paint I dragged it outside. 
This is the 1st time I have been able to stand back and look at it. It's a bloody good job that I like what I see. 
2 things to change and that's the front guard and cut the handlebars shorter. 
But apart from that ........ 
No Sleep till Sweden. 


benchdonkees said...

Lookin good Rob! Do we get a rear view to see that massive back end, oo'er?!
Fairies wear boots, you better believe it!

OILY RAG said...

No Andy
You'll have to wait till final build for more picks .
And yes That is a song by sabbath that apparels started with taking the piss out of SkinHeads. As they all wear boots.?