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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Just 16, a pickup truck, out of money , out of luck. Got nowhere to call my own, hit the gas , an here I go

Totally cool car made by a jewler that my friend Chocolate Pete took when he was "workin " at Boanaville . 

Something Capt Bugernuts sent me. 
Me . Support your local Benchdonkee. 

Daz ' s mower.  1 half of a Benchdonkee. 
Dragster brakes

Guess the motor.? 
Prize is everlasting nirvana surrounded by virgins. 


benchdonkees said...

Cool pics dood!

Pete's Man Cave said...

That would be a Yamaha YPVS motor. :-)
Nice portrait by the way.

Pete's Man Cave said...

Chocolate Pete wins......?