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Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Photos courtesy of Ian Roxbourgh 
Action shots of the 1st , short race meet. 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

First race of the season. Chaos

Sun was a beut dry day at Leicester speedway an I had the pleasure of trying my Triumph for the first time. 
The bike went well but I only managed one race on it as the 2nd race was on my Yam and I fell and broke my ankle.

That's me on the outside running a bit wide. The bike definatly has potential to be competitive.

There were loads of other very cool bikes racing in the vintage class.
After I fell I looked at my foot and it appeared to by attached to my leg at a very strange angle. 
The paramedics were strait on it , they ambulanced me off of the track then gave me a bottle of Nitros oxide to suck on. The next ambulance took so long to arrive that I got to sit in the sun and use a whole bottle before they picked me up. 
Liecester hospital was not a great place but they did manage to squeeze my ankle into position ( probley the worst pain I've had) twice until they stuck it in a cast. 
I've now got an appointment to get it screwed together at a local hospital. 
You can see below that both sides of my ankle are broke. 

Saturday, 25 April 2015


Well . Here it is . It took exactly 3months from start - ready to race. 
I won't say finnished as it's never finnished. 
So Many hours in the shed it started to wind me up. I was beginning to feel the lack of sunshine and the brain power need for buisnes as well started to drive me nuts.

But it payed off. The bike looks cool, sounds feckin ace and goes like stink. 
All that work to the head, different carb and new pipes has made it a completely different beast.
1st race on Sun then I'll see if I really have done a good job. 

Saturday, 4 April 2015


I've made some big progress on my Triumph . 
Most things I.e. Brackets that hold everything else to the frame has been sorted . So I have stripped the frame for painting. 
Primary drive cover is sorted
Foot pegs are sorted. 
Sprocket guard sorted
New Rock Shocks sorted
Rear mudguard sorted

Got a GSXR1000 rear brake and hanger sorted. And yes the kick start does clear stuff that it should. 

Handlebars and risers sorted.
Now just to paint frame then fit everything . Lots more to do but may have it running for 1st race in Liecester 26th April 

And I can't remember if I've posted this yet BUT..........
Here are the 6.5deg yolks that Chocolate Pete made up for me . 

The frame has also been finnished and is winging it's way over to me. 
Sergio and Hugo at Rocksolid Motorcycles in Portugal have done a fine job an I can't wait to see it in the flesh.