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Saturday, 25 April 2015


Well . Here it is . It took exactly 3months from start - ready to race. 
I won't say finnished as it's never finnished. 
So Many hours in the shed it started to wind me up. I was beginning to feel the lack of sunshine and the brain power need for buisnes as well started to drive me nuts.

But it payed off. The bike looks cool, sounds feckin ace and goes like stink. 
All that work to the head, different carb and new pipes has made it a completely different beast.
1st race on Sun then I'll see if I really have done a good job. 


benchdonkees said...

Cracking job Rob!
Hope to be there Sun to see and hear it used in anger!!

benchdonkees said...

Hey dude, great to see you and Mrs Oily today. Hope you're not feeling too sore! Thought the Triumph went well, you made the final!
Can't find your email address, let me know how you're doing andy@benchdonkees.com

Paul said...

Awesome bike Dood! Hop you heal up soon so you can go ride it again.