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Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Now it's got wheels
I just mocked it up to get the wheel/ chain/ sprocket/ engine all lined up. Bit of a fecker and I maneged to burn my hand on a freely welded bit of frame. 
I'm now sat with a beer , an ice block and a fucking sore hand. 
I think I can line everything up and it should work. 
The frame looks long but it is the correct wheel base , same as the Trackmaster BSA , WOODS NORTON,and my YZF . 
I'm now looking for a cool tank maybe a Trackmaster style jobby but one with an extremely deep tunnel as the frame is tall. But at least I can remouve the head without taking the motor out.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Kung foo

I used to do a bit of Kung Foo , my Sensay told me that Kung Foo translates to " Hard Work" 
My eye balls hurt and I'm full of swarf. But hopefully soon there will be a bike on the track to show for all the hard work. 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sunday, 15 February 2015

More fuckin around with the Trumpet Tracker

Ive been beavering away at the Trumpet-Tracker frame. 
Fuck me it's hard work. 
I had problems bending the tubes for the frame so I went and hung around with Vonzeti ( they make tanks seats and seat units for cafe racers . They are brilliant folk and make ace stuff so google them then buy stuff. ) 

Bert ,chief Vonzeti and Neek I hope that's spelt right ( it's Dutch I think) did all the bending whilst I stood with my hands in my pockets feeling like a spare part. 
Any way all tubes bent and sorted. 
So last night , insted of getting pissed I welded on the seat support then spent a Lot of today threading cutting and drilling and welding the bottom support that doubles as a oil drain bolt and filter for the oil in frame. ( don't wory it will be tucked out of harms way) . 
Way more work than I originally thought , as it always is. 

Also got some 3134 fast cams for the motor. 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Don't look like a Picasso ( well I think it looks better) but first part of the TRUMPET -TRACKER frame is together . 
Stainless spine has a headstock and swingarm pivot welded in place and also has a foookin great oil filler cap ontop. 
Just need to bend and weld the rest of the tubes in . 
Skateboard wheels have made very usefull headstock centreing thingemybobs but they stink a bit when they start to melt.
Me top friend Paul let me use his lathe to turn my bearing seats and swingarm melarkies . All it cost was a bottle of rum and a very enjoyable day in his very tidy workshop. ( when I say tidy I meen TIDEY, like only a place I can visit. If it were mine it would be a shit pit within the hour. Infact the Minuit I walk in it suddenly looks messy , I'm sure it will take him months to get it back to the state it was in befor I arrived. Take more than a bottle of Rum to sort my workshop out) . 
In fact , if any one is up for a chalange I'll pay you 2 bottles of rum to sort my workshop out.