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Monday, 30 September 2013


 Well this weekend was the last race in the flat track season.
And what a blinding weekend we had. 
The weather was outstanding, i loaded up the bike in pissing rain and lightening but by the time we had driven 7 hours o the other side of the country the weather was sunny, warm and crisp.
 Kings lynn is a great track.  The Track is big and as it dryes out it gets preety grippy (For dirt).
The racing was fantastic. the first race of the rookies was re-started 4 times as people kept on crashing.
 I was mid corner when i felt the back of my bike step out sideways, it was nothing alarming , It just made me feel a bit more like Mert Lawill. It wasnt till i looked across on the next corner that i saw a big pile of bikes in a heep that it suddenly dawned on me what had happend. My mate Tom had ridden into my back wheel crashed with a whole bunch of others.
3 more big accidents and restarts later (fucking amazing that i stayed upright) and i crossed the line 3rd or 4th. when i looked in my tank there was no fuel left in it. 
That was bloody lucky.
In the final i started in 6th, lost a couple of places on the first corner but managed to finnish 5th. I dont know what the overall result is yet as they havent been published.
I have met some amazing people whilst racing , Pete (holding the stolen no1 here) Brad (holding no 3) and Tom (not pictured all started racing for the 1st time this year , we have formed a good competetive bond , i have real fun racing thies guys. Tom has been fast from the start but i have maneged to stay ahead of Brad and sometimes Pete, but this race i could not get close to either of them, Thanks to them going to a sneeky practice last weekend NEXT YEAR YA FUCKERS!
Andrew Collinson Holding the no 2 here (another top bloke) actually won the race and the rookie championship but there was a slight mix up with the results , Im not taking away anything from Pete there as his raced a blinder and wone most of his races that day, but that is something that they will sort out, iT dont make much odds to Andrew though as he still won the rookie class for this year. Well done. 
The last race of the pro finals was bloody amazing aswell. And for me one of the high lights was watching the tiney juniors hammer around the track there was two young gromes that had a right battle through every race and the little lad in the brite pink helmet did so well but in the final he fell whilst being in the lead, it was such a shame, but thats racing and life aswell i guess.

I cant wait for next season. roll on April (not too fast though as i need time to build another bike). 

 Sat we stayed with Pete and his Alli (Mrs Pete).. Pete took me out for a ride . He let me use his Powervalve.
Man that is a bloody time machine. I had a 350 LC when i was 19, and as soon as i rode this i was back there 19 again. It was bloody ace fun, fireing into the powerband tucked behind the screen, popping wheelies through quiet villages hanging off the side and loosing the back end mid-corner. I was smiling for hours.
 No wonder i hurt myself when i had one. 
I felt like i had done it proud in the jeans, trainers and leary jacket with a silver visor. all that was missing was a 'Simpson Bandit'  and a school full of 6th form girls. 
Late 1980's early 90's in a flick of an ignition switch and that double "NEEERPP NEEERP" of the powervalve setting it self. If none of that makes any sence to you i am truley sorry. 
You will just have to have a go on one, and i dont just meen to the corner and back. you need to ride it on quiet twistys, to a chip shop, past a gaggle of Girls and then, eventually when you are stood by the side of the road and the coppers are telling you "that you are not Barry Sheene", then you will understand...

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


I seem to have writers block so here are some lovley ladies hanging from an elephant instead.

Monday, 16 September 2013


Probebly my favorit of the race posters yet
GO to  sideburnmag.blogspot to read about death spray coustom  (the dood that drew it)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

TURN THE T.V OFF CUS IT'S SHIT AND WATCH THIS CUS IT'S AMAZING. Cheers Dave for telling me about this fella.


 Just a few picks of the finnished frame that i built. 
A bit of a pat on the back for my self, really . Sorry.
 MY race tomorrow was cancelled. Bummer. 
Oh well next race is the weekend after next . 
Sun 29th of sep Kings Lynn Norfolk.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


 Normally at village Fairs the only thing to look at is an old bloke sat infront of his steam powerd water pump.
But at Widecombe fair there was this..
Its guy Fortay(sorry i probily spelt his name wrong) and his mates.
 Normally i work on Tue so have never botherd to go to this village fair. But today i finished my currant Job by lunch so popped Down and sunk a few beers.
Talking of which . Thats the biggest barrel of beer ive seen. Tased preety bloody good Too.

Saturday, 7 September 2013


ITs cool haow looking at one thing leads to another i was checkin out http://selvedgeyard.com/
 something that i havent done for ages, but it is a bloody brilliant site. Have a gander.
This led me to check out http://www.yvephoto.com/home. Bloody amazing photography. 
What normally happens when one thing leads to another is you get caught in a "Pornado" luckily i escaped it this time..



After my first week being my own boss, im happy and i dont feel regret for leaving the safty of the big company.
Now i feel like i have way more creative input into everything, and the end result is more directly related to what i have put in. 
This is the first project that is nearly finnished ( it took more than a week).
Ill take some more pic's after a big clear up..


I know it's probly the 9th of September in most parts of the country, but in Devon its the 1st .
As we're a bit behind down yer.
So here is Septembers lovely, courtesy of Sthil

Thursday, 5 September 2013