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Tuesday, 10 September 2013


 Normally at village Fairs the only thing to look at is an old bloke sat infront of his steam powerd water pump.
But at Widecombe fair there was this..
Its guy Fortay(sorry i probily spelt his name wrong) and his mates.
 Normally i work on Tue so have never botherd to go to this village fair. But today i finished my currant Job by lunch so popped Down and sunk a few beers.
Talking of which . Thats the biggest barrel of beer ive seen. Tased preety bloody good Too.


Spud's Customs said...

hey up, I'm not a pedantic twat or anything, but the guys name is Kye Forte, thought you should have it right coz he's well worth a youtube search, he's a bloody amazing rider

OILY RAG said...

I knew i got it wrong. My spelling is shit and my memmory of names is even worse. Ill correct it later.
He was bloody ace to watch.