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Saturday, 13 December 2014


Since it's nearly Cristmas I thought I would share a picy of a lovely Dodge Charger. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Cutting up a perfectly good motor.

Today I stripped the Triumph motor down to see what cams I had in it. They are not the 3134's that I would like so I'll sort that . 
"That's not a Triumph motor you bloody tosser" I hear you shought . True. This is my sportster lump for my chop. 
I decided that the motor needs to be smartend up a touch . So I pulled the cam cover off , pilled in (with out a thought to my personal safety ) and cut some crap off of the case to make it a more pleasing shape. 

Then I poured on the paint stripper. This was as much good as a chocolate fire guard .
I got board waiting for it to not work so I set too it with the flapper disc on my grinder, removed all the paint (and a fair bit of aluminium ) then buffed it flat on my scotch brite type wheel thingymabob. 
It not looks suitably old and a bit cooler . There for making it more suited for my chop. 
I was so pleased with the result I went to the pub an consumed a whole pint of beer.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Just got my head and barrels back from the engineer . Bloody good bloke has put in the elbow grease and done a great job with some very shagged parts. 
I got new valves, guides and seats . And he has skimmed the head and barrels given it a hone. And a very light port. There was some other stuff that needed attention aswell that he sorted. Somebody had done a crap job of boaring the head to fit bigger barrels , so he made some inserts and got all that nicely fitting. 
Now I'm gunna check the cams and he will help me check clearances and time everything up. 
Then I can start building the frame soon . Which is quite exiting. 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Making omelets

That's it I've broke some eggs. Nows the time to start making an omelet ...
Bloody frame is so heavy 34 kg 
But now I've just chopped off 9kg I feel a little better.
The tubes for the seat / shock supports are nearly 6mm thick . 
Next job is to post it to my good friends RockSolid Motorcycles in Portugal . 
They produce lovely work and seen as I have a Triumph frame to build and I'm flat out buisy , I'll happily pay them to so the work. 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sporty Swede

As you can tell . 
Tonight I mostly been pulling the sportster to pieces. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

100000 views cheeky lady time

I just realised that I have over 100000 views . 
That means that I have to celebrate with a lovely lady.
This beauty used to help me sleep at night when I was a wee sprog.
Enjoy and thanks for taking an interest in my rambelings.

New pink floyd album

Tinkering in me shed. New floyd album on wireless, beer in my greasy fingers and I managed to get me sweed around some chopper geometry . 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Got me forks 10" over
Got me wheel 15"x 9" drag wheel
So I mocked up the sportster tonight to see how it would look. 
Fuckin ace , that's how it will look. Handeling may be a bit shit but I can deal with that.

 Tyre is a 215x60x15 it's slightly narrower than the rim so nothing is wider than said rim . This gives me a bit more space for my drive chain. An also gives the wheel a very slight camber.
I did have a bit of a moment in my haste to river the bike on blocks. 
Once the wheel was removed I lowerd the frame onto 5" blocks but as it descended it picked up quite some pace. But it's OK because both of my middle fingers on both hands acted as a lovely bump stop between the stand and the cissy bar. 
I was trapped squealing gently to my self getting slightly panicked . I was completely stuck. 
I had a vision of myself being found the next day passed out with my hands trapped in my bike. 
I had to summon all the power in Grayskull to lift it back up to free my poor digits. 
Fuck that was a close one. 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday shed time.

Right so I've cut, bent , bashed, sweated and tryed my hardest to use my new welder. 
Result is I have half made something minging . 
But I did manage to burn my fingers 3 times, learnt to use a foot pedal , got a little pissed off and baked two amazing apple pies.