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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Nearly legal?

The DUKE is MOTed so I blasted to work on it today. Every time I ride it it takes me back to when I was coaxing it around the dirt track . Thank Crumb it handles better on the road . It's so light and flicky it's bloody brilliant to ride. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

It a dirty job but someone's gotta do it. ( I do care a lot)

I went to the Euro Jumble last weekend. I didn't think it was that great but I did buy this great TorCutter fairing. 
I'm not sure if I will be using it on the Duke as it's a bit big. But it is fuckin ace and only cost 35 earth pounds. 
But when I do fit it on something I'll be laying down a rubber road to freedom ...
I'm MOT ing the duke at the mo.
I'm gunna do the Distinguished Gentalmans Ride on it.  

Saw this fuckin ace motor at a village fair today 8inch piston an a right clever "hit an miss" inlet valve that only opened when the revs dropped real low just to keep it ticking over. 
Oh and there was ferret racing and terrier racing. That's a fuckin recipy for disaster if ever I heard of  one.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Phil's shagged Duke PT 2

I've been beatin the crap out of that tank for a couple of hours an finally I think I got something I can work with.
I cut the big wings off of the side as I didn't like them and I needed to get into the tank with my implements of perswation . 
I got most of the dent out , a bit of filler should sort the rest. 
I'm gunna replace the wings with some concave panels as I think it may look rather nifty.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

916 fix

Started working on my friends crashed Ducati this week . 1st thing I did was drill and fix some handlebar clamps so that I could put some different bars on it.
Next thing is to do something with the batterd fuel tank. 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Flattrack build pt1

I was rebuilding the head on my copper Triumph the other week when the bloke who was measuring my valve guides said " what are you using it for" 
"It's just a show bike." Was my reply. Instantly it thought 'I am such a cock' not only is that a wanky answer but it's not even the truth. What I should have said was
" I just push it around my shed and occasionally swear at it when I rip my overalls on a clutch lever."
So I'm gunna shelve the copper Trumpet for a while and build a new flattracker to race next seson. 
I'm gunna build a frame from scratch and use modern forks and shocks. 
So yesterday I measured all the dims of my YZF tracker and put them on a sheet of ply . Then I measured and scaled the dims of a Woods Norton and a Trackmaster BSA. Tacken from drawings by Mick Ofield. ( look him up his drawrings are very cool)
As you can see ( or probely not) they are very similar.
YZF trail 80mm
Norton   80mm
BSA.      70mm

YZF rake. 22.5 deg
Norton.    26deg
BSA.       26deg

There is only 25 difference in all wheelbases. 
 And seat heights are within 20mm

My plan is to build something looking like this Woods Norton below . 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Triumph triple

Saw this very cool triple today. Bloke has owned it years but in this Guise only been in the road 5 days


Had a potter around a Blacksmithing festival last weekend. Bloody great it was. 
You know when your rushing to get a job done and your brain is getting all hectic and mixed up. 
Well I discovered that if you watch somebody else in that position and you are just standing, taking it all in , with a pint of cider in your hand. That is very relaxing. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Went racing last sun in Wales. 
It was bloody brilliant. There were some heavy showers that filled the track with deep puddles.
I thought this would meen an end to racing but as the track was so deep there was still plenty of grip. 
My 3rd race was my favorite , others were having real problems seeing but I seemed ok so I managed to take quite a few places from the back of the grid . 
It was so exciting , flat out on someone's tail looking for an opportunity to pass , water and mud flying in all directions. 
The track was 1/2 mile so I geared the rear sprocket different, but was still using 4th gear on the straits. 
It was fast. 
By the time the final came I was fucked . I had no more energy , kept making mistakes and came last. Never mind . 
Above ( in chequerd bash hat is Frank Chakotine, probely spelt wrong) his Triumph T100 is so fast and revy plus he's a top racer so he won the day . But giving him a good run was Guy on the lovely black an white Triumph 750 in the back ground. It was the 1st outing for him on this bike ( I think) an he was quick. That bike sounded fuckin awesome . I swear it sounded like a V8 when it fired up. 

CoBuilt Geoff . Nice form . 
Daves Harly and Trumpet. He rode them both but the Harly kept grounding out.
What can I say. It's a JAP , shame it didn't last the day. 
So, a bloody amazing days racing but that's nothing compared to what happened on Monday. 
I had to unscrew 1inch of 6mm wood drill out of my friends leg. It was bloody awesome, I wish I had time to take a picture but he was screeming at me to hurry up. 
Sorry forgot to say that Ian Roxbourgh took some of these pictures.