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Thursday, 18 August 2016

You are not what you eat. You are what you build.

Born out of swarf, made from a thousand bolts and nuts.
Fed on sweat, grease, gashed knuckles and cuts. 

Sleepless nights and weeks in the shed.
Making real the dream in your head.

Days spent, cutting, welding and grinding all in vein.
Throw it across the workshop, then start again.

Hot metal glows, imitating the sun.
Transfixed by the pool of weld about to run.

Create a sculpture, so much more than form.
Kick into life, now a purpose is bourn.

Engine pulsing, pushing oil though veins.
Throttle and leavers replace bridle and reins. 

Hot river flowing inches from your feet.
Throttle open, into the sunrise, to friends we meet. 

Body tense against the wind, eyes fixed on the curve.
Mind relaxed and mulling but ready for the swerve. 

Gas station loonies, strung out from the road.
Sausage, coffee, quick piss and another 9 euro load. 

Only one mishap, but three thousand miles cool.
The last mile is the most dangerous, stay awake, beware the 3 second rule. 

Alex's evo
The longest chop I saw in Sweden and my favourite ( another photo another time)
Old school Sat Nav . Is she board?
The lamorgini had to park next to a cooler vehicle 
Idiot magnets
Pride in the cobbles
3 lovely ladies and one grinning idiot 
The Beatles ain't got nothing on our coolness 

A real pint
The great big lake at Jonkopping
Bitching clubhouse. 


Paul said...
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Paul said...

Looks like an awesome trip! Loving the poetry too :-)