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Friday, 5 August 2016

I was schooled with a strap across my back

After spending a wet evening in karlskrone were we maneged to see a sound check for a band called The Bones ( they were very cool), we woke to sunshine and the promise of a glorious ride up to Jonkoping . 

The road was quiet , nicely smooth and lined with trees bordering the occasional lake. 
Sweden is everything I imagined , it is so neurofibromas ( that was a spellcheck for beautiful ) and peaceful . 
The ride was stunning and we only got very wet for about 20 mins . But we stopped for the odd Swedish sausage ( not a youthanism) to power up with energy . 
We arrived in Jonkoping and my torque arm / engine stabiliser broke for the second time. 
But our good friends Lassa, Mia, danna cooked us great food , served us cold beer and helped me pull the broken part from my bike. Today Lassa is going to try to make me a new one whilst pretending to work. 
Be wary of the comment below, listing all the porn . I don't know him and he ain't no friend of mine so if you get curios and click on it and  get spammed then don't moan at me.