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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Hell bent, Hell bent for leather

More studded leather than Judas Priest . But guess what ....... ? It's mine. 
Yes this trust steed is going to propel me across the mighty continent of The U S of A . As long as Trump lets us in. 
I will fly into Fort Wayne Indiana . To pick up my Studed Hog, fill that little leather bag in the handlebars with the finest Cornish pasties then endever to ride, Down south, then over to Denver, through Monument Vally , gawp at the Grand Canyon, ride up the East of the Rocky Mountains , over to San Francisco , then down Highway 1 to LA . Where I'll import the bike back and Fly home. 
I'll be rinsing with the best crew I could imagine , my ever understanding wife and a couple of the greatest Dutch people anyone could meet. 
I just hope that America is ready for us....

1 comment:

benchdonkees said...

That sounds like an amazing trip Rob, have a cracking time!