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Monday, 2 June 2014


Here she is Mrs June . Sorry looks like a bit of " the horn" got in the way. 
So this weekend I had a day of chores which was preety boring but mid chore fest I poped in to see a mate who just so happend to be prepping his sidecar outfits for a trial. Abouve is a triumph unit and below is an Arial single . "Have a go " he said. 
Bloody right I will . 
I used to ride a sidecar on my FZ750 so that I could take my dog to work . It was bloody terrifying but I did get used to it. 
It's been a while since I rode that and this Arial was so light that I thought I would tip the bloody thing strait away. So i looked like a complete novice but that's ok . 
Bloody 3 wheels ain't right. 

Then on sun I pottered down to the shed in a stinkin mood . 
But after puttin my back wheel on my dirt bike an changing the oil an filter. My mood was improving. After a little walk in the sun I felt proppa tip top. 
So I pootled down to the shed again with intentions of sorting my sportster for it Mot. 
I rebuilt the front brake ( a job I hate) then realised that my disc was so thin you could wobble it from side to side. But low an behold right in front of my mince pies was another disc poking out if a box . ( I didn't even need to look for it) 
Bolted that fucker strait on then unseezed my back brake linkage . An put in a working indicator and hay presto , hello Mr MOT tester. 
All in the space of 1an 1/2 hours. 
Nothing ever goes that well.
So I celibrated by taking Mrs Oily for a pint on the moor. 

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