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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Pre road trip test

Next week I'm gunna be on the road . Into Belgium with my oldest and dearest fuckwitts . The very same tossers that I grew up with then  We road to Hungary . 

Then the week after me and Mrs oily will be riding around Portugal with the Bonkers Dutch . Great friends that we met in Hungary. 
But first I had to sort my bike out . I fitted a new tyre the other day then was blastin down to look at a job , an heard a horrible whineing combing from the motor , then the back wheel momentarily locked up. " bollox " I thought I've only gohn and fucked my motor. But having a quick gander showed that my belt was rubing on the casing then snagged and tore itself in half. 
So today I replaced the belt and checked that the wheel was in alignment , changed the oil and filter then took it for a quick test blast. 
It's a real shame that my test route always somehow brings me to a pub. 
Funny that. 

Seems like all theis other folk were also testing there bikes? 
But on another note Rich who has organised this ride to Belgium is trying to do it on a chop that he hasn't finnished building yet. 
Oh well he's got 3 days to sort his shit out. 

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