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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Capt'n s Chop

This Thursday , day after tomorow, me and a bunch of mates are riding to Belgium for the weekend . 
Reson being is it's Cap't Buggernutts's birthday. 
Cap't Buggernuts ( Richard his mum calls him) has been a good friend since the dawn of time. He decided to go for a quick ride abroad with his mates for his birthday with his mates. 
In his infininate wisdom and well known use of leaving everything till the last Minuit , he decided to build a chop and go on that . 
That pic abouve is said chop and the photo was taken 1 hr ago . 
Not only hasn't he ridden it but he hasn't even sat on it ( his stumpy little legs may not even reach the pegs , but it has an MOT  and runs like a one legged man in a swamp. 
But he is gunna make it happen. 
Fuck it we will pack lots of Gaffa tape and cable ties and I'll ride at the back an pick up all the bits that fall off. 
What could possibly go wrong? 

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