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Sunday, 8 June 2014


Both of these rods belong to a very good bloke called Pete. 
I raced with Pete last year then at the end of the season he was racing enduro and he fell off. He made a right mess of his leg . Lots if steelwork and limping later an he is preparing to make a come back at DIRQUAKE 3 . 
He will be racing his blue YPVS  on the dirt. I have riden this bike and it's brilliant and I can't wait to see him holding on to it on the oval( NUTTER) 
Abouve is his project YPVS. And it's bloody very special . He's pleased as a pig in shit now he has it road worthy . All the girls in the convent school are already board with him wheeling past and his Mrs is very concerned that his MULLET is taking shape nicely. ( Buisines at the front, party at the back).
Bloody good work Pete the bike looks ace . I just need a photo with padock jacket , high top trainers and a Simpson Bandit. 

Sorry , bit of a cock up posting
Here's the red one. 

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