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Monday, 16 June 2014


Scunthorpe . What can I say about Scunthorpe " it's bloody miles away and there are a lot if power stations and it was a bit grey. But there was an amazing days racing there on Sun. "
Last race was at Coventry , the track was overwatered and everyone was crashing.i didn't enjoy it. 
I drove to this race and I wasn't really in the mood , the prospect of crashing and fuckin up my work and holiday plans was niggeling my brain. 
But a few beers with my mates in Scunny. And things started getting better. 
Thr track was dry and the groove was blue (dry sticky fast section , if your on it it's hard for people to overtake) . 
1st race I got a 5 th ( I think ) then 2nd and 3rd I came last . But I enjoined every race. 
The final was brilliant , I started at the back but managed to muscle my way into mid pack by the 1st corner. I was the oil in an oily rag sandwich being lent on from both sides whilst racing is a very strange but not unpleasant feeling. 
Brad tryed very hard to overtake me but ,fuck knows how I managed to stay In front ( see pik abouve , thanks to da Benchdonkees). 
I finished 7th . Wahoo . Big cheese I here you say.. But that was a result I was well happy with. 

After the race I was absolutely fucked but with the smell of burnt mud and fresh coffee in the car and Diamond Head on the stereo the adrenalin of the days racin kept me buzzin for the 6 hour drive home. 


andyrotax said...

Great result dude, Diamond Head, am I evil? that takes me back!!

Brad Hardman said...


Great pic from the benchdonkees. Think the official photographer may have been in the loo every time the restricted class was out on track.

OILY RAG said...

So many good tracks. Of course "Am I Evil" , "shoot out the lights " . " Sucking my love".
I saw them about 3 years ago supporting thin lizzy. They still rock BIG TIME

OILY RAG said...

Brad , shame that bod didn't get footage of me nearly crashin into you.

OILY RAG said...

Brad , shame that bod didn't get footage of me nearly crashin into you.