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Sunday, 12 July 2015

I Don't Go To Church On Sunday, Don't Get on My Knees To Pray, Don't Memorise The Words Of The Bible. I Got My Special Way.

Out of the fire comes the heat and with it speed or oblivion.

Dogs are great travelling companions not meny creatures are happy just to be. If you've ran out of fuel and no body will give you a lift , your dog will just say " fuck it . Look at this great ball I just found".
It's about time for a lovely lady. 
I'm digging this Triumph . I can't tell you anything about it as I stole it from Pinterest (something I ain't got my head around yet) but I do like the glimpse of the belt driven alternator on the front.

Another cheeky lady. 

Fz750 hooligan machine taken from French Mag Kustom. I miss my Fz.
One of the most exciting projects of mine for a long while. Boathouse I'm building at the moment in Salcombe ( if you ain't seen my other blog then this may be new news) . 

Thinking about how to build the next bike or maybe I'm just enjoying where I  on the planet. Mrs oily snapped this Sunday whilst we were mooching around France.

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