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Sunday, 13 May 2012


 I was having a Yarn with a friend of mine a while ago and he said that i should go and have a chat with his dad, Paul, "Because he is into allsorts of really cool stuff and he'll dig your bike".
Today i finally got around to seeing Paul. Armed with a packet of chocolate digestives i rode over to his house and was blown away by the amount of cool stuff he had in his garage and lounge.
in the living room was this beutiful Norton, on the walls were drag racing memoriabilia and timing discs, on the worktops were (amoungst the 'Dukes of hazard' dodge charger model) valves and conrods and on the dining table there was a very rare dragbike motor in pieces.
I didn't have a lot of battery life on my camera and i take crap photos so i only snagged a couple of pickies for you to see.

 this flathead Harley he has just built and is yet to get it to run sweet (and get used to the foot clutch).
Notice the Ford model 'A' pickup behind, the other Norton on a bench(to the left), next to that is a supercharged VW beetle motor.
 This is another project, it is a speedway Jap motor but that engine isn't staying in this bike.
I walked around with my Gob hanging open just trying to soak up all the Extreemly Cool Stuff.
i wish i could remember more of what i was told whilst i was there. but i hope it wont be the last time i go and spend an afternoon in that shed with a cuppa tea. so maybe next time ill find some more jems.
Also i managed to get my TRUMPET running and rode there on it  and the only thing that fell off it was the number plate( fuck knows where it is, i kept my eyes peeled on the way home but didnt see it.).
I think it should be in good fettle for next weeks DIRTQUAKE.

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