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Monday, 7 May 2012


 This weekend was a whole weekend to kick off the bike festivals on Paignton seafront.
its all for charity and continues with bike-meets on the seafront every wed night until September.
Top weather and a big turnout.
 This blue buell chop was extreemly cool
 Nice sportster with duel carbs and a nice stance

 This was bloody ace . the motor looked hand made then somebody sugested it was a Jawa motor?

 This is a very cool bike , it's a flathead Harley motor in a Norton frame and it looks like it is suposed to be there. and the fella rides it all the time..
Of coarse i love slab-sides.


Pete Stansfield said...

Jawa motor is in a Matchless frame, i know 'cos he bought them both off me. One of the cleverest blokes you could know, he has built a Harley with an Alfa Romeo V8 engine and another with Ducati heads, barrels and cams, but i cant remember his name ..........

OILY RAG said...

Cheers ill have to track him down and have a yarn. seems like the type of bloke that you could talk to for yonks, with a biscuit,an a cuppa in his shed.