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Friday, 18 April 2014


Last weekend , befor we raced, but after a beer Brad let me have a go on his HOOLIGAN GSXR chop. 
Fuckin thing is an animal. I opened it up an thought ' is that the chain jumping the sprocket.' Then I realised it was hopping down the road , like a drunken ferrit , wheels pining me into the path of cars. But  I knew I would be OK as I was wearing a motorcross lid , no goggles, gloves , trainers and a 3mile grin. 
Who the hell is gunna stay in the way of that. 
Took a good 45 mins to stop my eys from streaming.
As you can see Mr Brad is using his workshop to full capacity, hasn't got enough " might come in usefull one day" crap in there yet. 
Give it a few months ....

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