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Saturday, 23 November 2013


Two things happend this morning.
The lastedt copy of SIDEBURN arrived. 
My race licence arrived. 
Gracing the pages of this lovely mag is an article on flattrack racing in the uk. There's even a picture of yours truly in there. 
Reading this article really vibed me up for next seasons racing.  
So this morning I thought " fuck it ! Get your ass out of your fartsack and get in the bloody shed, that Ducati ain't gunna sell its self. 

Thank you SIDEBURN for givin me a kick up the ass.
Ive had a lovely day in my shed.


andyrotax said...

Any progress is a good thing, it all helps it get done! It ain't gonna put itself back on the road! Decided what you're replacing it with yet?

747 said...

That thing would tear up Pikes Peak!
Drop the needles and main jets (if it has em) a few and hold. Everything runs a bit rough at top, even the fuel injected bikes.

OILY RAG said...

Thats it. i'm there