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Friday, 29 November 2013


12.42 miles
156 corners 
14110 feet (roughly 4500m) 
It would be like piloting a rocket into the icy blue stratosphere, G force pinning you into your seat whilst you flow through turn after turn after turn, the endless backdrop of mile upon mile of Colorado. nothing but fresh air and infinity as a run-off , finally reaching the thin air of the summit and the realisation that the ride is over when you spot the chequerd flag.
FUCK that has got to be a rush.
That is why i have decided to do it.
That is why i have decided not to sell the DUKE.
That is why i need another 2 big builds in the bag ( to finance it and my new flat track bike).
That is why i have to race.

I was looking at Travis Newbolds Blog http://747rider.blogspot.co.uk/ all i saw was his registration payment for the Pikes peak
When something just clicked. I have to do that .if i cant this year then ill do it next.
My next thought was don't be a Tosser you have bills to pay. 
My next thought was ," If i don't do it, one day im gunna be ill and dying thinking' What a waste, Why the fuck didn't i live, Why the fuck didnt' i grab life by the tits, kick it in the balls and fucking hang on., Just to see if i could . "
 If you don't do it now . then When.

Realising this have given me an imense buzz. I have visions of Bert Monroe preparing his bike to ship it to Bonniville and i think that could be me. but on a hill, not on the flats.

I am so stoked i can hardley sleep.


ps i think thats Dimitri Costa above. If he can do it so can i..


andyrotax said...

Cool, go for it!! You're right, better to regret the things you did, than the things you didn't! Travis seems to manage it on shoestring, so why not you? It'll be a blast!

Spud's Customs said...

Mint!!!!You taking volunteers for your back up crew?

Brad Hardman said...


OILY RAG said...

Its a long way off yet and i don't mean months i mean effort and money but i will make it happen.