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Welcome to a new'ish' site written by and with the imput from people who,s brains are so full of;
Technical abillity, Insane ideas, and the love of wierd and wonderfull shit, that there is no time in their over stressed brains for "CRAP" like spelling and punktuation.

Saturday, 22 September 2012


 Manx Norton . Anything in that colour does it for me
 G50. bloody amazing
 My teacher at collage used to race a Rudge, it was a bloody animal.
 Lovely Triton and it's not Raw ally
 BSA A65 or A50 digger. I used to have an A50, it was the nicest bike to ride but my mates hated it because it was so slow.
 Gary Nixon going very fast, very sideways. on a Triumph of course..
Vincent black shadow. Cheaper to buy a house...

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