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Friday, 7 September 2012


 Now that summer is over the weather has just got amazing . So today me and me lady went to Strangles beach it was bloody amazing.
No tourists.
A real seal in the sea checking us out.
And naked people on the beach.

During the long climb back we saw this Convulvulus Hawkmoth ( I'm not a zoologist, that is what Adam told me it's called).
This moth was bloody beautiful, it was the size of a seagul , it was resting on a discarded glove that was tied to a fence.

And it's gunna be a great weekend an i'm going to a stag doo at Santa Pod European Drag Championships. Ill get some pikies and post them after the weekend.
I wont be able to do Swedish Saturday so here is an amazing chop from the Tolle website.
That website is brilliant, it tells you all you need to know to make long forks work. Check it out

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