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Thursday, 22 August 2013

BUXTON sliperyer than dear guts on a door knob

After a full on build up to the show and the show it's self. A 6 am drive to Buxton was a bloody nightmare.
But the race track was in a bloody amazing place, a bit like where i live but Effin miles away.
The track was deep, deep mud and grit, there was no grip and ruts hide an elephant in.
If you cant see me above it because i spent most of my time like below.
Thanks to http://benchdonkees.blogspot.co.uk/ for the picture.

One race was like a fucking demolition derby. So many people were falling, the race got stopped a couple of times and an ambulance was used to remouve a poor bastard. i was fucked. i was looking at the ambulance, thinking,
 ' I just have to make it to the end'.
But when the race started again i started working my way up the field, i had made it to 2nd place then on the last corner. i fell.
Everytime i fell (4 bastard times) it was in excatly the same spot. Then whilst i was on the floor, Tom rode intro the back of my bike, It wasn't his falt he just couldnt avoid me. Plus i was taking the piss so i probley deserved it.
 But as always the place was full of very cool people so it was still a great day racing.

Next race is Rye house Essex 
Sun 15th of sep.
come and see me rolling in the dirt again!

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