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Saturday, 11 August 2012


 Saturday is always SWEDISH CHOP DAY. 
some are new.
 Some are old.
I love this picture, She looks like she is having a blast..
 Nice.. but if she just moved over a bit we might get a look at a nice Panhead
 This orange one is my favorite.. It's a Shovel of coarse.
Evo chop, fully loaded for the road


TC said...

So when are you building your oily rag Swedish chop?

OILY RAG said...

Just got to finish the triumph frame i'm building then im going to start collecting parts.
I'm riding to Sweden next year but i doubt it will be ready then as i have to build my flat-tracker aswell.
Have you any ideas about an engine to use. i'd love a shovel but cant afford one. A Yam or Guzzy could be a goer???

TC said...

Xs650's are great to work on, I would say that as I'm biased! You could probably pickup an ironhead for a decent price, and it makes the finished bike worth that much more....