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Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Excuse the photos my camera has gone TITS UP (broke)
The other day i said that the little baffle i made for my exhaust didn't do anything. Well after riding to work i realised that i was talking utter crap, again, and it has actually improved things a bit.
This put me on a mission to make some new end cans. I was thinking that 2 megaphone silencers would look cool as hell and sound as loud and fruity as SATANS' TROUSERS...
 So i went and got myself 1 meter of 3" stainless tube. I love going to the metal shop and getting some new steel, a length of steel has so much promise.
 Simply cut a 1' section (30cm if like me your metric) and cut a triangular section.
then squeez and work it. I still have my friends oxy-acetylin so that came in usefull, then i clamped the tube in shape with some jubily clips. 

 Then i had to sit and have a Guinness so that i was calm enough to weld, You can't TIG weld in a hurry it just dosn't work. 
I think that may look bloody ace.
 just one more to make then bolt in baffels and a link pipe.
Then the fuckers will hear me coming.

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