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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Cosmic sunshine

This is Brad getting a feel of his new flattrack bike. Obviously dreaming of short tracks ( if was the mile he would have his left hand clamped to his fork leg. )
I assume he's practicing , either that or his beard is snagged in the sprocket again.

Today I had a day just pootleing around my shed , wood burner crankin an Brian Harris callin the tunes on my radio. 

I got a bit over excited an decided to go for a blast over the moors on my Duke.  We got no snow here but it was bloody icey and I nearly ended up on my arse more than once. 

I stopped to get some pictures of the deep ice blue sky and the sun pinging off of the aluminium tank, majestic frost coverd moor land rolling off into the distance . But I had no camera (that's why you got a lovely picky of Brad)

1 comment:

Brad Hardman said...

Good reasoning but the image is flipped because I used the forward facing cam in my phone.