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Saturday, 31 January 2015

More Jiggy Jiggy

Preety much finnished the swing arm , I'm just gunna check it works befor final welding 

I bent ( what I meen is somebody bent it for me) the first part of my frame. 
The orriginal 2" 1.6 wall tube just creased . Luckily the fella in the workshop had some 1 3/4 stainless so he bent that . 
Looks like I'm gunna have a shiny spine on the frame. 
Then I finnished making my frame jig. 
Brad gave me a scare by telling me he was getting on really well with his build . 
So I quickly pissed around with the headstock so I can get my shit on. 

Brads bike. Getting there. 

1 comment:

Brad Hardman said...

Looking good! Doing the whole frame in stainless? Will be very cool when it's together.