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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Swinging Triumph

I'm starting to build the swing arm for my trumpet-tracker. 
Or rather I'm gunna stick a lot of steel together that may or may not hold my back wheel in place whilst going up and down with the bumps. 
Designing and working one out from scratch is a lot more brain power than I expected. 
What with roller bearings clearing the frame, clearing the wheel and all that malarkey .
I found some steel plate in my stash so I wound up the naibours with some very unsociable angle grinding 

Then lots of drilling and more grinding then a soupson of fileing later and I had some lovely axle plates cut. 
Hay presto befor race season I should have something that resembles this. But without the poncy lights and brakes.

1 comment:

benchdonkees said...

Great work Rob. I thought all neighbours loved the mating call of the grinder at first light!!