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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Remember how i explained the big pile up last week? 
This is it.
I wonderd how Tom got such a face full of dirt.
crash (4).jpg
Then just as Tom was thinking he may have got away with it... In comes Brad.
I was looking at Brad afterwards, he was sat in the pits looking mazed as a sheep. I thought he was just being Grumpy. now i realised he was just shell shocked.

Sorry Tom and Brad for being so slow that you felt that you had to ride into the back of me.
 And sorry to Tom Foolery for stealing your photos but they are great.
check out his picks here thefooleryoftom.com

1 comment:

Brad Hardman said...

I had an option of hitting Tom or his bike, I decided as one of us had to drive home his bike was the better option! Still a bit sore from that now.