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Saturday, 25 January 2014


The DUKE has been running shit at full throttle but only after it's been flat out for a short time. This has not even been noticed whilst I did short track. 
But since I've had it in the road it has been a real pain in the ass. 
The plugs looked ok and because I had ran it all last year I over complicated the situation by thinking that the jetting was fine. 
So I made a plate to keep the carbs dry and cleaned them out. 
Still ran shit. 
Adjusted the float heights 
Still ran shit. 
Up jetted the carbs . 
Still ran shit . 
Tryed a new fuel pump. 
Still ran shit . 
Tryed different fuel feed combos . 
Still ran shit. 
So I am BOARD, BOARD, BOARD with taking the carbs apart and fed up of stinking of fuel. So I went to chat to top bloke J Tremlett (owns the local bike garage) 
"Try blocking the sure filters a bit" says he. 
This is something that I have done menu times on my own and others bikes to quickly sort bikes running too lean. But in my confused state I had forgotten to try this. Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective. 
So I tryed it today . 
As you can see I started by wrapping them in 'ROCK N ROLL' tape . This worked so next I cut up a coke bottle and it slipped over lovely. Then took it for a lovely blast over the moors. 
I'm one step closer to Pikes Peak now. 


andyrotax said...

Got there in the end though Rob!!

OILY RAG said...

Yep total ball ach though