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Friday, 21 February 2014

Lovely workshop

I've just built my friend Brad and Chris this lovely workshop . 
It's 4.8 m. X  3.6m . Fully insulated, and wrapped in larch (it will never need treating ) it's just waiting for a wood burner then the lucky buggers can spend every night in there pissng around with bikes. 
You could have one too . Just let me know. 


andyrotax said...

WOW, I need one of those!
If only I wasn't poor!

stevegayton said...

I agree with Andyrotax, WOW! I had to hold back from running down the garden to see if I can fit one if I had a few spare quid!

Brad Hardman said...

Im proper chuffed with it! Cant wait to be all moved in and tinkering.