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Tuesday, 23 September 2014


So this weekend was the last race of the seson for the DTRA . 
It was also the anniversary of Mr an Mrs Oily gettin hitched. 
So we celibrated by going racing. Photo by James Boddy

Photo James Boddy "Eat dust Trappy"
Practice on Sat was wet but a good crack . So before I hurt myself me an me bird retired to the hotel to watch a spot of Columbo ( featuring Jony Cash) followed by you've been framed, then a few pints in the bar. 
Sun was race day and for the first two races I did real shite. I felt like the front end was gunna levee me in the mud so meny times . So for race 3 I put some air in the front ( it was very low) and removed the thingy that quietend my exhaust an "hay presto " I did a lot better. 
The I made it through to the "b" final me and 4 others . 
I got the best start ever . Holeshot into turn 1 and every thing just clicked into place. Lap after lap I felt right comfortable, but a little scared that I may fuck it up. 
But I finished 1st . WAHOO first time I've won a race ( apart from my first DIRTQUAKE. ) 
I crossed the flag buzzin , round the next corner , big wheely then my sprocket tore off of the hub. 
What timing? 1st place and fucked bike. 

Photo Chocolate Pete
As you can see Brad the impaler beat me by 7 points FUCKER. 
Never mind there's always next year. 
Photo Mrs oily

Photo Mrs Oily


Brad Hardman said...

We'll both be on some fancy looking wheels for next year too!

Paul Baleta said...


benchdonkees said...

Well done Rob, Brad too!!
Good job that sprocket let go when it did!!

OILY RAG said...

Paul ." Yes it was".
Brad . " I can't wait "
Benchdonkee " if that sprocket hadn't broke I would have done lodes more posin , probely fallen off an looked a right twat. Oh an yeah yeah yeah , well done Brad an all that bollocks. "

Brad Hardman said...

I'm definatly going to have "Brad the Impaler" on my bike next year too!