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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Drag racing . Good old days

Classic Bike Guide (Oct) has got a blindin article on drag racing. 
This picture sums up the spirt of racing by any means , living on beans , and telling the wife that you are skint. 
Racing is life . However you do it . 
Dirt .
Short track
Road racing
Fuck it, handlebars is handlebars , as Mr Newbold says.

Sorry that my Blog has been very slim on posts lately , but I have been setting up my company and racing and having the odd holiday . 
Now is the season of short days and long nights in my shed building bikes. 
I have my Spprtster to build.
My Triumph flat tracker ( a real race bike , not a road bike with a Harley seat unit)
And my friends 916  to build. 
All these will be on the blog so please bear with me. 

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benchdonkees said...

There's only so many hours in the day Rob!!
Keep on doin' what ya do!