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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Bloody great book

It's finally here. My book. 
It it available NOW to download from Amazon for your phone or Kindle. It's not available in paper form. 
I wrote this a while ago and tryed to get it published but at 26000 words it wasn't deemed sellable I needed to write twice as much.Problem is that I felt the story which is true worked as it was and padding it out just to make it longer would just ruin the flow. 
I wrote this book just because the adventure we had was great, I also wanted my kids and there kids to have something to show that I wasn't always a boring old duffer. 
Writing this was a challenge for a dislexick, illiterate like myself. But like many things I've done in my life did it just to see if I could.

Please get yourself a copy, hopefully you'll like it then you can give it a lovely review. 

I need to thank Rich and Jimbo for bring mates and helping this life happen and also Mrs Oily for naggin me to publish it, and her and Ben for helping me edit it.


benchdonkees said...

He's right you know, it's a right good read!

Hairy Larry said...

Well...having stumbled onto your original blog again...from a link on another... I was given one of those Kindle things a few years back, and an Amazon gift card...so, I guess I should find them and order your book. Drink plenty of milk or whatever your supposed to for that ankle. See you on the Instagram thing.