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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Well you walk into a restaurant all strung out from the road . And you feel the eyes upon you as your shaking off the cold. You pretend it dosnt bother you but just want to explode. ( original please Alex)

Usual shit. I've been flat out like a lizard drinking. 
But I have managed to put some time in the Chopper.  And because I've been busy , I also have a little cash to buy this offset (1 1/2") 
It's bloody huge. 
But it fits . And the chain lines up. 
Now I gotta make an outrigger for it otherwise I'll knacker the bearing. ( too much torque , increased but a long lever) 

But I also spent a happy Sunday making a break calliper mount from an old sprocket , a rear brake torque arm . And doing some more to the sissy bar. 

But I did have a few hours where I just sat looking , stareing , thinking " oh fuck me , what to do next . What do I have parts for and how can I get around this " . 
Sometimes you just have to make a list . 
For me it's the only way I can see a way forward. 


benchdonkees said...

Good work Rob, it's definitely headin in the right direction!
Sometimes it's the best thing to do, sit and give it a good dose of looking at.
Metallica, but originally Bob Seger.

OILY RAG said...

I do like Bob Seger but I think the Mettalica version gets it this time.