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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Come on people now , smile on your brother . Everybody get together and love one another right now.

A fitting lyric for a psycadelic , trippy 70's (ignore the 09 engine) style Sweedish Chop. 

Tuesday I got my tank back from Tamsin , the airbrusher. What a bloody ace job she did. 
So I pissed around with the ( in-tank ) fuel pump, well I unbolted it and drilled some holes in the feed, it still had the fuel level sensor in there so I wired that up to a LED. I know it's more "Chopper " to have no fuel gage and to sit on the side of a road with no fuel whilst some poor sod drives to a petrol station to get you some (Richie)

My S&S Carb arrived on Thursday so I ripped it open like an excited child and ran down the shed with it. 
I had to trim 10 MM off of a couple of cylinder fins so that I could poke a screw , to bolt the carb on from the other side. 
It's running rich but it runs. I'll get it set up soon , but I've just been pooteling up and down the lane trying to get some teething issues ( which are very little) sorted. 
The 1st issue was that I forgot to tighten my headlight so it fell off and I rode over the ring that holds it on. I bent it back into shape and I'm gunna leave it a bit marked as it'll remind me what a cock I was to not check it. 
I also had to space out the sprocket as the chain was hitting the wheel and let some air out of the rear tyre to stop me being bounced off of the bike. 
How does it ride. 
It takes a bit of brute force to steer it but I'm used to it already so it's all good. 
MOT next week. 
Look out Planet Earth...


benchdonkees said...

Good work Rob, looks ace, you da man!!

OILY RAG said...

Thank you Andy
Hopefully you'll see it in the real soon .

Paul said...

Lookin' sweet!! :-)

oxygeneuk2 said...

Nice one Rob. What fork tubes did you use?

OILY RAG said...

Is that you Andy? Bloody hell I ain't heard from you in yonks.
I got the forks from the States , complete they are 12" over forks for a Fxlr or something Harley they were a bargain .

oxygeneuk2 said...

Yep . . It's me Rob . . lol . . . Looking good m8. Must have a catch up soon.