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Saturday, 31 March 2012

This was a post by the machine http://machineshed.blogspot.co.uk/ the machine is an ozzy dood but he understands exactly what this American is saying ..http://crocustoms.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/soulcraft.html
check out that link to see what im on about.
i read it and understood and was unbelievebly angrey . why because the way that we English have lay on our back and let this country down, i have nothing against other countries manufacturing stuff , i have a Harley and a Triumph and i love 'jap' bikes, but England used to be the centre of the world when it came to building bikes . SHEFIELD STEEL, LOTUS, COSWORTH  and most of the team that is building a car that may do 1000MPH .i heard a M.P. on the radio saying that other countries manufacture goods cheeper than us in the UK so we should concentrate sending our youth on a path of learning computer skills insted of working with their hands, TWAT.
 If you fly the flag in England everyone thinks you are a facist and a hooligan, my friend was in the army for many years, protecting our rights and other peoples rights, he put a "UNION JACK" in his garden and was paritioned to take it down( he refused and the naibours have had to get used to it.) nobody in England is alowed to be patriotic The Welsh, the Scots and the Irish will fly the flag without fear of ridicule.
i envie the Americans on the fact That thay are proud to fly the flag and buy american.
good luck to you all and dont get bought down to a level of being ashamed of who you are..
i think we should fly the flag and suport the local hardware store and support the local enginere and be proud to say that we are British, or if your American, Dutch ,German or what ever country you come from, dont be afraid to be patriotic  and make money for each other.

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