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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


This cool specimen of a bike is from THE ROGUES MC blog site http://www.rogues-mc.com/ have a look its a good site.
This bike is for sale. it also gives me an excuse to talk about mine.
I have a K&N filter on my bike and a Vance & Hines fuel pak to try and make it run richer since i fitted the exhaust.
Only thing is that the fuel pak come's with a list of codes that you have to dial in to make it work, Thies codes rely on the fact that you have a exhaust that you bought.
As you know (or dont) i made my exhaust so it aint on the list.
I have tryed lots of differant types of code from the list but it keeps making it run TOO RICH. This was starting to piss me off , BUT today i tryed running it on a code for "SLIP-ON SLASH-CUTS" and it seems that it is nearly SPOT ON. it now pulls like a train again and has instant Torque.
So im quite chuffed


Hugo said...

Sell it and buy a carb Sporty 1200S
With just open pipes and a flat slide Mikuni it absoltelly flies.

OILY RAG said...

ive been thinking about ditchin the whole 'fuel injection' bollocks but i was thinking that it would be too much effort with the loom and CDI UNIT on there.