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Friday, 27 April 2012


 See this bike? A fella called Dowie saw it and he thought it was the best bike he had seen. He has  collected lots of Triumph bits and asked me to build a frame for him.
He painted my wheels and hopefully will paint more stuff for me in the future as payment for making the frame. Im am well up for it, just because it will be cool and it's good to help out a friend.
His 'old man' Andy worked out the dimentions and i'm in the process of  drawring the frame in full size so that i can set-up the 'Frame jig'.
If you own this bike or know who owns it ; "im sorry that im copying your design , but "IMITATION IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF FLATTERY".
I will post all the progress of coarse.
Have a look at this blokes (or maybe it's a lady) shed.... It's bloody amazing, all home made, by the look of it, Dougles fir  or Larch, i reckon. love the cabinate and the deck with the BBQ man im so jealouse (no wonder he buil such a nice bike, if that was my shed, you wouldn't get me out).

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