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Saturday, 26 January 2013


 I always like seeing a picture of a " lathe in action" on somebody's Blog site.
Well now i have a picture of my own, I feel like i have stepped up a level.
Unfortunatly it's not my lathe (but i have realised my life wont be compleete until i get one.)
This lathe belongs to my friend Paul. I went around to his house after work so that he could take time (Time is a very special thing, so Thank you Paul) to show me how to make up some spacers. 
 I could not get 15mm bearings with the outside diameter for my wheel (it's a sportster wheel) so i used the normal 25mm bearings and made the spacers to compensate.
 As you can see the spacer is left long so that it pokes inside the central spacer so as to keep it in place. 
So today i fitted the bearings and spacers to the wheel.
 Laced and trued the rear wheel with a wider rim.
Spaced the rear disc out so that the calliper missed the spokes.
Worked out what size spacers i need to make for the rear wheel.
and welded some mounts, for the seat unit, onto the frame.

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