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Sunday, 13 January 2013

RD 350 LC

Moiks old LC with powervalve wheels. this bike is the reson why
i first said "hello" to him and then the knock on effectis why i
know my friend Richie and my wife.....
He looked so cool with rear-sets, army bag and a ,man size, chicken on the back .
 If you have never owned one you'll think it's only a 350 that "tossers in jeans, bomber jackets and Simpson helmets" ride... If you have owned one you'll know that they are fast and scarey and that it's fun to be a "tosser in a Simpson helmet and bomber jacket."
Adam Varns LC special. It was the TITS (shame about the quality of the photo)
He was a big man, but with a tank full of "Avgas" it was fast as fuck.
Oh that was after it blew a hole in the piston on the way to the Isle of White.
He had to suck little bits of metal out of the crank-case with a straw in
the carpark of the Little Chef, then he rebuilt it and thrashed it
around the island..
 All thies photos are from Moik a good friend and rider of LC's.( Yamaha RD350 'or 250' LC). 
My old LC before Moik sold it to me and way before i nailed it into
the side of a GS850 at 70mph.

Moiks new LC.
Suzuki RGV wheels and swingarm and very blue paint.
I haven't had a go on it Yet!!!

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