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Monday, 20 May 2013


 Before this weekends race meet i managed to fabricate a right foot gearchange
The skateboard wheel is there to stop the chain rubbing on the tube that connects the right and left linkage together. I also mounted the battery on the forks, moving the weight forward and giving me more front wheel grip. worked a treat and looks so much better.

 This "Spirit of the 70's Yam DT is my favorite bike there. Its bloody quick too, and it's real impresive watching the big fella (Tall not fat) hoon around the track.

 First corner mayhem..
Where's Wally?
Pete, Tom and Me getting some sunshine.
Tom came 1st and its only his 2nd race JAMMY FUCKER.


Brad Hardman said...

A great days racing, always amazes me watching you on that Ducati.
Looking forward to dirtquake.

OILY RAG said...

Yep it's a bloody handfull.
I do like it though.