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Sunday, 5 May 2013


 The Vonzeti's had there open day on Sat.
It wasn't an extreemly buisy event but it did have a beautiful atmosphere with a lot of great people there.
The tea, coffie and hotdogs kept coming whilst Nieks rockerbilly band played some tunes.
 This Buell is halfway through getting the Vonzeti treatment.
 Pauls very bloody cool Norton
 Rinsey's very cool BSA
And this Norton below is halfway built, It's a shame that you cant trully see the paintwork because its new but looks very old. The fella has done a real nice job.

My dad used to have a Riley , it was the same model as this but was a two seeter with a 'dicky seat' that he built. A dicky seat is a seat in the boot (trunk if your American) My dads Riley was a spotless example but i still thought that this one was quite cool.
Check out some of the beautiful work that Vonzeti produce HERE

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