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Sunday, 15 December 2013


Took the DUKE out for a quick test in the rain. 
I bloody love it, it's so light and torquey. 

The rear-end is still a bit pissed from when I got ran over. 
Front mudguard works aswell.


andyrotax said...

Lookin' good Rob, Pikes Peak here we come!!

OILY RAG said...

Yep. Ready for world domination .

andyrotax said...

Don't set your sights too low, why stop at the world?!

Brad Hardman said...

Looking great. Not sure I didnt prefer the crackers for cheese mudguard though!

OILY RAG said...

I don't think the scrutiners at pikes peak would have seen the funny side in my "cheese biscuit " mud guard . Although my new one has a cheese grater on it .