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Saturday, 14 December 2013


Today I managed to get the Duke running again although I happend to put 2-stroke mix in by accident so it didn't run great. 
But what did happen was that I got a new battery for it. 
One on right is 13a/ hr lead acid jobby.
On the left is the new 9a/hr lithiam battery . 
Being lithiam it has a bigger cranking torque so you can use a smaller battery. Which is nice. 
But what's even better is it's so light. 
Fuck me when it arrived I thought the box was empty. Under 1kg compared to the old one being 5kgs. And you can mount it any way up you like. 
I'm well impressed. 

Plus I made a front mudguard. Looks a bit high in the pick but in the flesh it looks better. 

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