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Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Got me forks 10" over
Got me wheel 15"x 9" drag wheel
So I mocked up the sportster tonight to see how it would look. 
Fuckin ace , that's how it will look. Handeling may be a bit shit but I can deal with that.

 Tyre is a 215x60x15 it's slightly narrower than the rim so nothing is wider than said rim . This gives me a bit more space for my drive chain. An also gives the wheel a very slight camber.
I did have a bit of a moment in my haste to river the bike on blocks. 
Once the wheel was removed I lowerd the frame onto 5" blocks but as it descended it picked up quite some pace. But it's OK because both of my middle fingers on both hands acted as a lovely bump stop between the stand and the cissy bar. 
I was trapped squealing gently to my self getting slightly panicked . I was completely stuck. 
I had a vision of myself being found the next day passed out with my hands trapped in my bike. 
I had to summon all the power in Grayskull to lift it back up to free my poor digits. 
Fuck that was a close one. 


benchdonkees said...

Ouch, we've all been there Rob!!
Gonna look cool, what tank/seat combo you goin' to use?

Brad Hardman said...

DTR1 in the front ready for dirtquake!

OILY RAG said...

Brad . I do dig the look of the Dt1
Andy . I'm using my original tank an I'm gunna put a big comfy King/queen seat with feckin ginormous cissy bar .

Paul said...

Lookin' good!